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Hello!  My name is Pearl Monique Cole Brunt and I'm so glad you are here. 

It is my mission to create a community focused on making veganism not only accessible to everyone but enjoyable as well.

More than just recipes, let's have real conversations about our food choices and practical solutions for making great choices every day. Veganism can be viewed as a type of diet, while most practitioners view it as a lifestyle that allows daily, conscious choices for the health of the planet, animals, and ourselves.  

Beyond providing online content of recipes, workshops, and product reviews, Le Twisted Spoon provides community outreach services!  We do everything from pop-up outdoor kitchens to in-person workshops, and cooking classes. 

There are many reasons people look towards veganism. Whatever brings you here today, know that you are most welcome.  My own journey took several years, and I'm sure I'm still on it as I discover new foods.

Please feel free to look around the website and check out the services we offer.

"Veganism is not about personifying animals, rather it's about

finding the humanity in ourselves!"

~Pearl Monique Cole Brunt

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Vegan Tacos
Herbs and Condiment

Nous croyons que les gens aiment manger de la nourriture délicieuse.  Nous croyons qu'il y a peu de différence entre nourrir votre corps et votre âme.  


La nourriture occupe une place importante dans notre culture et notre mission est de rendre la nourriture végétalienne délicieuse et nutritive accessible à tous.




Nous espérons aider les gens à choisir un mode de vie végétalien sain qui améliore la santé et le bien-être des animaux, de notre planète et de nous-mêmes.

Green Smoothie
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