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Community Outreach

We Love People

Outdoor Kitchen

Last year, we started by setting up a table in the public market.  And I cooked for people.  For free.

I brought all of my fancy equipment from a food mill to grind my own flour, to my Vitamix, which required more power than was available to use.  I made all sorts of things from wild mushroom risotto to chocolate crepes!  It was fantastic to see people shocked at how delicious plant-based whole foods could be. 


The most interesting conversations about plant-based diets happened AFTER people tasted what I made.  

There is something great about showing people your passion instead of just talking about it. 

Let's do this as often as possible! 

Community Programs

We have created a variety of programs from one-day demonstrations to a 12-week cooking course. 

If you have a community venue and group of people interested in learning more about how to transition to a vegan diet and why so many people are, please

contact us at

Kids in Vegetable Farm
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